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Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

All the Riches in the World Can Not Match the Wealth of Education

1. The main aim of this institution is to provide free and quality education to the rural talented students. Ancient Gurukul system is followed in the institute where there is close affectionate bond between students and teachers.

2. Institute gives admissions to the students belonging to the two States of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana on merit basis through an entrance test.

3. Institution is established to cater to the needs of rural talented students. Institution provides completely free education for 3 years with free boarding and accommodation facility. The institution is located near the banks of River Krishna. It is located in a pleasant and peaceful environment. The college premises is full of greenery. The peaceful environment encourages the students to concentrate on their studies. This environment also helps the students to achieve the desired results in their courses.

4. Another Distinctive feature of the institution is 24/7 availability of staff to the students because all reside in the head quarters. Additional coaching is given to students beyond the class hours i.e., in the Supervised Study. Loco-parent maintains a record of bio-data of their Loco-ward. This helps the Loco-parent to mentor their Loco-wards keeping their interests in view as in the bio data. They are at liberty to discuss personal issues also with Loco-parents. This makes students feel secure and safe in the hands of staff even though they are far away from their parents and students feel hostel as the home away from home. Phone numbers of all the parents are given to Loco-parents and Loco-parent phone number is also given to parents. This helps a lot to check the welfare and progress of the student by both parent and Loco-parent.

5. Supervised Study is a daily activity in the institution. After the completion of Evening Assembly students sit in their respective classrooms upto 7.30 pm under the supervision of the staff members. Students can approach the staff for clarification of doubts. We conduct mock tests well in advance for the PG entrance examinations to various universities and the students have a continuous rapport with alumni. Alumni plays a vital role in extending their help to the students in all aspects – Career Guidance, financial support. The Ancient Gurukul System helps the students to achieve all-round development.

All institutional activities and programmes are geared towards the high performance of the students. To mould the students as socially responsible citizens with patriotic spirit combined with international outlook.


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