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Mentoring - About



Is a relationship between two people with goal of professional and personal development. The mentor is usually an experienced individual who shares knowledge experience and advice with a less experienced person or mentee.In the institute faculty is always in touch with students. They make an extraordinarily strong relationship with students those who are weak in studies and also guide them in a proper way to achieve their goals. The LOCO PARENT system in our college is one type of mentorship where teachers can easily interact with students knowing personal details, identifying their strengths, and giving proper mentoring to students.


Constant Mentoring to students is achieved through Loco Parent System of the Institute.

This is the unique feature of the Institution.

This system is much helpful in achieving the high performance, as the students can informally interact with Loco Parent beyond the class hours. The Loco Parent extends parent like care for each of his/her Loco-ward.

The Loco Parent resolved the issued faced by the Loco-Ward with the help of the Principal.

This system helps in maintaining friendly relationship between students and staff. Context: Since the students are away from their parents, to guide them properly Loco Parent system is introduced. For mentorship, each faculty is allotted 20 students. The teacher who is taking the responsibility of 20 students are known as Loco Parent, and those 20 students are called their Loco Wards. To give parent like care to students Loco Parent System followed in the institute since the students are away from their parents.

Loco Wards are allowed to discuss any issues like ragging, health, financial and other family problems. This rapport makes the Loco Parent a real mentor. 


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