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                                                                     About College

The Andhra Pradesh Residential Degree College was started in September, 1982. Vide G.O.Ms.No.762, Education dated 02-09-1982, The college is run by A. P. Residential Educational Institutions Society (Regd.) (A.P.R.E.I.S), an autonomous body constituted by Government of Andhra Pradesh to run Residential Educational Institutions in the state free from “the cumbersome procedures and time consuming rules”. The grants are provided by state Government by sanctioning the required budget to the Society. The Chairman is Minister for Education and Vice Chairman is Principal Secretary, Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Secretary, a full-time officer in the cadre of Director of School Education.

For starting the college, the local N.S.P. authorities gave the main building along with one shed and the dining hall: four sheds and a half were later added to serve as dormitories for the boys in the year 1987. Society had constructed the new hostel. The college and the hostels are situated in the centre of Vijayapuri South. The College is fully residential. The boys enjoy free boarding and lodging facilities in addition to free education for three years.

The Institution was started with a view to cater to the needs of the talented boys in the state. The emphasis is on providing quality education to the rural talented boys from the economically disadvantageous families with socio-economic and cultural handicaps, by creating suitable environment. Besides class-room lectures, effort is made to involve the students in discussions and seminars they are made to write assignments in subjects and are provided with better reading room facilities.

The Residential Degree College aims at not only qualitative academic instruction but also total development of the students. The time table makes provision for physical exercises and games besides guided studies. It is, thus intended to be a model institution for the not very well to do but talented students drawn from all over the state.

The college has been serving the student’s community of the entire Andhra Pradesh especially the rural/socially deprived for the past 38Years. Students of this institution are selected on the basis of merit through a State Wide Entrance Test.

Details of Affiliation:
The college is affiliated to the Acharya Nagarjuna University since inception i.e.1982 B.A., B.Com., B.Sc(M.P.C) have permanent affiliation. B.Sc.,(Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science) started in the year 1999-2000 have temporary affiliation for a period one year renewed regularly.



1) The students of A.P.R.D.C are remarkable not only for their academic and professional achievements but also for their sense of social responsibility and commitment to duty.
2) These characteristics are due to the truly “residential nature of the educational system” both in letter and spirit. This system aims at not only
i) good performance in examinations but also
ii) all round development of the students personality and Character, combined with
iii) a sense of social responsibility.

The private residential college is very poor imitations, with their exclusive focus on marks/ranks neglecting the development of personality and character of students. Right from the beginning, the government residential system as it exists in APRDC consisted of the following.
3) The students come from all the regions of two states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana districts and develop a strong bond among themselves irrespective caste, class and region by staying in the hostel from 3 years.
4) Free and continuous interaction between students and faculty both during and outside college working hours throughout the year is another main stay of this system.

The success of the institution is due to:

i) Experienced and Meritorious teaching staff :
The pillars and foundations for any educational institutions is its teaching faculty. The teaching faculty was a judicious mixture of very experienced teachers with young scholars from IITs and National Institutes. The faculty live very close to the hostels. The accessibility of the faculty to students at any time is the mainstay of the system.

ii) Loco-Parent System:
Batches of 15 to 20 students called Loco-wards are attached to a teacher/lecturer, who is also called Loco-parent. This Loco-parent is held responsible for their performance, discipline and personal welfare. This type of personal care help, guidance by the Loco-parent all though their stay at the institution makes the student to concentrate more on his academics.

iii) Supervised Study:

A special programme called “Supervised Study” is organized in the evening hours after the class hours to get all their doubts clarified and also to get additional information. Faculty members from almost all the subjects are available to the students for consultation. This system enables the students to enter any class with a crystal clear understanding of the subject which is already taught to them.

iv) Club Activities:
The student-student, student-faculty interaction is also promoted through regular club activities. Various clubs like Languages Clubs, Science/Arts/Commerce clubs, IIT , NIT clubs etc., are formed to conduct seminars, group discussions, debates, quiz competitions under the able guidance of their faculty.

These activities helped the students in developing their communication skills. Organizational abilities, leadership qualities and above all a command over the subject. Many a number of the present IAS, IPS, IRS, Group-I and Group-II officers serving for the country are the best examples/outcomes of the these activities.

v) Community living:
Students from all corners of the state live together under one roof and develop a strong bond among themselves irrespective of their caste, class, region, religion etc., this community living led to
a) Good performance in academic examinations due to peer group study.
b) Development of students personality and character.
c) A sense of social responsibility towards fellow students and fellow citizens.

vi) Alumni:

Help and Guidance from Alumni is another very important factor in the all round development academic and professional achievement of our students. The former students of each faculty –B.A, B.Com., B.Sc., – make it a point to visit the college and interact with the students on a regular basis giving them both moral encouragement academic and career counseling.

The students of the college have knowledgeable and very helpful alumni all over the world to provide them encouragement, guidance and any other help, which is a tremendous motivator.

The very fact that students like them from this very college went on to the top of every profession is a tremendous morale booster for the present generation of students, which is a factor, missing from most other colleges.

The APRDC Alumni Association is highly supportive of the students and the college in terms of giving student aid through Student Aid Fund for joining National Level Institutions, gold medals , cash prizes , books , generator etc.,

vii) Popular Lecture Programme(PLP):

Another unique feature of this college is all round exposure given to its students regarding the latest developments and by organizing lectures of eminent personalities from various fields to inspire our students Lectures of young Scientist Award Winners, Magsaysay Award Winners like Prof. Shantha Sinha, Retd. Chief Justices of the Supreme Court like Hon’ble Justice(retd.) Venkata Chalaiah and faculty of Central and even American Universities and organized on a regular basis every year.
These activities help in making them enthusiastic and in developing their communication skills, organizational and leadership abilities, command over the subjects etc.


Right from I year, the students are encouraged to aim high. The motto of ex-president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam “low aim is a crime” is our motto.
The necessary guidance and material like previous question papers and books for preparing for the P.G Entrance examinations to the Central Universities, IITs., IISs., Bangalore etc., are provided by the college and the faculty.


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