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WEC - About

 To provide ge nder equity the institution constituted a Women Protection Cell to protect the rights of women staff
Women Protection Cell is constituted as per the norms of UGC.
This Cell responds in a timely manner to grievances from women staff. In time response to the grievances make the women staff feel secure to work with other staff. We also constituted a Women Empowerment Cell in the institution, this cell organizes the awareness programs like gender equity, protecting rights of women.
Regular meetings with women staff are conducted to identify problems of women staff.Programmes are arranged for the students on gender equity awareness.
As part of gender equity the girl students are invited from the near by institutions by giving them an opportunity to participate in co-curricular activities like essay writing and elocution competition equal to the boys of the institution. On the occasion of Women’s Day elocution and essay writing to all the girl students from neighbouring institutions were conducted and prizes were given to encourage them about women empowerment.
It is decided to conduct more programmes to create awareness among boys about how to respect women in society, what are the problems faced by the women.


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